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Veer Wins Series of Design Awards

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Print catalogs and web log receive praise from HOW and Applied Arts

New York, New York, September 2, 2004 - Veer, a provider of visual elements and design-related products, announced today that the company has been honored with several awards for excellence in design. The company received accolades for three of its print catalogs and its web log, in design competitions sponsored by HOW magazine and Applied Arts, respectively.

Veer’s design-driven approach celebrates inspiration, creativity, and style. This philosophy defines the mission for the Veer’s distinctive print marketing, including the three catalogs honored in HOW’s 2004 Self-Promotion Awards. The winning pieces include the April 2004 Veer Visual Elements Catalog, a pair of type specimen books, and a stock photography book.

Winner in the direct mail category, the April 2004 issue of the Veer Visual Elements catalog explores the concept Space to showcase the company’s discriminating selection of imagery and type. Each spread contemplates a distinct conceptual space, such as “Head Space”, “Green Space”, and “Spaced Out”, using photography, illustration, and type from Veer’s collections. Veer’s first-ever type specimen books also came up winners. Packaged as a set entitled “Modern Treatments for the Typographically Inclined”, the two intricately designed books feature 96 full-page samples of new typefaces and favorite scripts, with thematic and humorous copy. The judges also chose Veer's rights-managed photography book, A Charmed Life. Over 100 pages the book presents a fictional biography through the use of compelling photography from Veer’s archive. The perfect-bound book features gatefolds on the front and back covers and thick “French-folded” pages throughout, adding intrigue and tactility.

“We’re very pleased to receive these awards”, said Sheldon Popiel, founding partner and creative director at Veer. “We enriched our marketing this year by creating pieces for two important product categories, type and right-managed photography. In the meantime, we kept trying new things with our monthly catalog. We’re creatives, like our audience. We wouldn't want to see the same marketing pieces over and over again, so we continually try to reinvent them. If we don't inspire and engage people, then we’re not doing our job. Having our work acknowledged by our peers really confirms that our design-driven approach is hitting the mark.”

HOW is a bimonthly magazine providing graphic design professionals with creative inspiration, business information, and the latest technology and trends affecting visual communications. The magazine sponsors the annual Self-promotion Awards, which celebrate outstanding design in projects created to support a company’s own promotional efforts. All three winning pieces were created by Veer’s in-house creative studio and will be featured in the October/November issue of HOW magazine. PDFs of Veer’s winning entries can be viewed at:

Announced in mid-August, Veer’s web log, or “blog” { }, was awarded top honors by Applied Arts magazine in the 13th Applied Arts Design and Advertising Awards. Known as “The Skinny” to the art directors, designers, and other visual communication professionals that visit the site daily, this creative journal and news blog is unique in the stock photo industry. “When we started the company, we knew that we did’t only want to provide great images and type, we wanted to share all the creative stuff we were excited about,” said Jon Parker, founding partner and editor at Veer. “So many companies treat stock images and type like they’re commodities - and their web sites are basically vending machines. We want to show that we’re real people with real passions. On The Skinny we write about and link to the sites, stories, and images that influence our creative team. We think our customers appreciate it. Receiving this award is a further sign of support from the design community.”

Sponsored by Applied Arts magazine, the Design and Advertising Annual evaluates entries in five disciplines - design, advertising, editorial, digital media, and printing. Entries are reviewed by a panel of distinguished judges - art directors, designers, principals, and educators - engaged in all facets of design in the US and Canada. This is the first time the competition has included a distinct category for web logs, recognizing the ingenuity, design, and originality that goes into web sites devoted to periodic, dated entries in journal format. Veer’s web log will be featured in the upcoming January 2005 issue of Applied Arts.


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