Partner API

Companies wishing to distribute Veer microstock images can use the Veer Partner API to incorporate search, preview, and download functionality into their own web sites.

What you need

You require an online image distribution business with e-commerce capabilities, including purchasing and invoicing.

What Veer provides

The Partner API allows customers to search, preview, and download Veer’s microstock photography and illustrations using your web site. Based on an agreed upon revenue split, both Veer and the partner generate revenue from all downloads via the API.

How it works

Customers come to your site to browse and purchase images provided by the Veer Partner API, which you’ve incorporated into your site. You control pricing and purchase details, while Veer tracks downloads through the Partner API. Veer will send you a monthly invoice for all purchases made by your customers.


Keywords and results are generated by the Veer search engine. Results are displayed by image SKU (unique identifier); each SKU includes a path to the original image thumbnail on the Veer servers. You can use this path or, if you receive Veer thumbnails and metadata on DVD, create your own.

  • Customers search by:
  • keyword, artist, or both
  • English, French, German, or Italian language

Veer also provides extensive search filtering options, which are detailed in each search API method description.


After choosing a particular image, the customer can view it via a path to the Veer server, and see detailed sizing information.


A customer chooses a size and purchases an image. Veer assigns this transaction a purchase reference identifier, which we provide to you as confirmation; you track the customer and purchase using your own e-commerce engine.


Your customer receives purchase confirmation including a time-limited URL, which allows the customer to download the image from the Veer server, through your web site, to their own computer.

As a convenience to your customers, you can implement a re-download policy. Provide the purchase reference identifier from the original transaction to Veer, and your customer can re-download an image. The option to re-download is time-limited; this time period is defined in your partner contract.

Veer Finance

At the end of each month, you’ll receive an invoice for each image purchase from Veer.


Your return policy is up to you. Should a customer return a Veer image to you, you can return the image to Veer and receive a credit for the full charge. You can also report fraudulent purchases and receive a credit. This is a return agreement between Veer and its partners, which should remain invisible to your customers. Veer only accepts returns that amount to more than a contractually specified amount; this typically covers only fraudulent purchase returns.


Using this tool, you can retrieve purchase records for a particular date range, or by invoice number. This information helps you reconcile your records against your monthly Veer invoice.

Consumer Key

You need two Partner API keys to use the Partner API. Each key is associated with a secret, which allows the Partner API and your application to connect. You get these keys and secrets when you sign a Veer Partner API agreement, and they’re intended to help you develop your web site.

Developer key: this gives you free access to Partner API services as you develop and test your site (these terms will be stated in your partner contract).

Production key: This key is for your live web site; purchases made using this key will be invoiced at the end of each month. The developer key remains active after you start using the production key, which allows you to make back end improvements while conducting business.

These keys shouldn’t be exposed anywhere on your site, i.e., they shouldn’t be in the HTML pages you return to your customer’s browser. If your web site is compromised, report to Veer immediately so that your keys can be deactivated. Veer may terminate a key if it’s used for fraudulent activity.

Get the Partner API

To become a partner and use the Partner API, email . Please include the following information:

  • Business name
  • Your full name and contact information
  • Your business intent

View the Partner API developer’s resource.