Veer Web API

You want to give users of your application, plug-in, or widget access to Veer microstock content and the Veer e-commerce infrastructure. The Web API lets you include Veer web site functionality in your application, plug-in, or widget without your users ever needing to leave it for a browser.

What you need

An existing application, or an idea for one, into which you want to embed Veer web site functionality instead of using a browser experience.

What Veer provides

Through the Web API, customers can search, preview, and purchase Veer-branded microstock images. The user of the application must register with Veer. Registration is provided through the Veer Web API.

How it works

The Veer Web API allows you to integrate Veer web site functionality seamlessly into your application, mobile app, plug-in, or widget. You write the user interface for the functionality so that it blends into your application.


Keywords and search results are generated by the Veer search engine. Results are displayed by image SKU (unique identifier). Each SKU includes a path to the original image thumbnail on the Veer servers. You can use this path or, if you receive Veer thumbnails and metadata on DVD, create your own.

  • The Veer Web API lets you search by
  • Keyword, artist, or both
  • Photography, illustrations, or both

Veer also provides extensive search filtering options, which are detailed in each search API method description.

The search call returns the unique identifiers for each image that matches the search criteria, including an address to the thumbnails on the Veer servers. You can use these addresses to show the thumbnails in your application.


After choosing a particular image, the product calls allow your application to obtain details about that image, include the address to its watermarked preview image, and information about available sizes.


Customers must be registered Veer users – they can register and sign in to their account via the API. Users can also receive forgotten password reminders through the API.


Veer images are paid for using Veer Credits. Signed in Veer users can purchase Veer Credits or use previously purchased credits to buy their chosen image. The credits purchased within your application are also available to the customer when they sign in to


When the purchase call completes, it returns an invoice number and the address to the image. Your application can use this address to download the image to the customer’s computer.

Consumer Keys

When your application to use the Veer Web API is approved, you’ll receive a key and secret that will allow your application to connect to the Veer Web API. It’s important that you protect the key and secret because they identify your application to the Veer web servers. Should your key and secret become public knowledge, others could use it to impersonate your application. If we detect such fraudulent activity, we will terminate the key, denying your application access to the Veer Web API.

Get the Web API

To request the Web API, e-mail .

  • Please include the following information:
  • Business name
  • Your full name and contact information
  • A detailed description of your business intent

View the Web API developer’s resource.