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Help : Browsing for Products

Ways To Browse Products

  1. Click one of the product category tabs located along the top of the page. Product categories include Photography, Illustration, Type, and Merch.
  2. View collections within a product category using the “Collections” links.
  3. View galleries of selected product using the “Featured Galleries” and “Artist Profiles” links found on the Photography and Illustration category pages.
  4. Galleries of product are also available as features on the home page and product categories pages. Click on images or thumbnails in galleries for product details.
  5. Disc titles or fonts are displayed in alphabetical order. Click thumbnails for product details. (See: Browsing Results)

Click graphics or text links throughout the site to browse featured products and offers.

Viewing Discs As Slideshows

Discs - View As Slideshow

To view the contents of a disc as a self-running, pop-up slideshow, click the “View as slideshow” link located in the grey bar above the thumbnails. You must have a recent version of Flash® installed to view slideshows.

Downloading Discs As PDF Documents

This feature is not available in older web browsers. Please refer to the site requirements for a list of supported web browsers.

Discs - Download PDF

To download a printable PDF containing the contents of a disc, click the “Download PDF” link located in the grey bar above the thumbnails. When clicked, the “Download PDF” link will change to a “Generating PDF” message.

Discs - Generating PDF

The PDF will be created in the background and automatically downloaded to the location specified in your web browser settings. The downloaded PDF will be named using a variation of the disc name. For example: “VeerDiscJukeboxTypeCollection.pdf” or “VeerDiscBeachVibes.pdf”

The “Generating PDF” text may still be visible after the PDF has been sucessfully created and dowwnloaded.

By default, PDFs are formatted using Letter page size. The page size can be set to either Letter or A4 page size in your site preferences.

See: Setting Preferences