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Help : Using Comp Images

The use of comp images is covered in the Comping Licensing Terms outlined in our Terms of Use statement. Please be aware that by downloading a comp image, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined in that agreement.

You must be registered and signed in to download comp images. See also: Registration & Account

Saving Comp Images

All image search results will display the options to buy, try, or save below the thumbnail image. Click “Try” to download a comp that’s larger than the thumbnail image. You do not need to right-click. The image will be automatically saved to the default download location specified in your browser. Click “Save” to add the image to your saved items. Click “Saved items” at the top of every page to access your saved images, fonts, and merch. See also: Saved Items & Albums. Click “Buy” to access a product detail page. See also: Buying Products.

Usage Restrictions & Comp Images

To save a comp image from a usage restrictions page, you must select a checkbox indicating that you accept the restrictions applicable to that image. After selecting the checkbox, the “Try” link will appear.