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Help : Downloading Products

Image and font products from Veer are provided as downloadable files.

To download products, you must first complete the checkout and purchasing process.

See: Buying Products


Products are downloaded from the “Your Order Confirmation” page. There are two ways to get to this page:

  1. After purchasing the product, the order confirmation page appears as the last step of the checkout process.
  2. To access previous purchases, sign in and click either “Account” or your name at the top of any page. Under “Account Options,” click “Your Previous Orders.” Then click “View Order” next to the applicable order. Click “Re-download your image” to download the file(s) again.

    There are many file formats available for download from the Veer site. The downloading process will vary depending on the file format (e.g. RGB JPEG, CMYK TIFF, font files), your browser type (e.g. Internet Explorer or Safari) and version, and your platform (Windows® or Mac®).

    Click “Download now” for each product on the Order Confirmation page. One of two things will happen, depending on your browser and platform:

    1. A dialog box will appear. Choose a convenient location to save the file, such as your desktop. Click the option that includes the word “Save.”
    2. The file will be automatically downloaded and saved to your hard drive. The download location will be specified in the preferences or options of your web browser. This will usually be your desktop.

Downloading Virtual Discs

Image and font collections can be downloaded as virtual discs. Rather than receiving a physical CD or DVD containing a collection, a virtual disc allows you to download the entire collection all at once or as individual items.

To download all of the items in a collection, click “Download entire disc.”

When clicked, the “Download entire disc” link will change to a “Generating download” message. A message containing complete download instructions will be sent to the e-mail address you used to register. It may take several minutes for the e-mail to arrive.

Note that virtual disc downloads are generally several hundred megabytes in size, and will require software that’s able to decompress .ZIP archives.

To download individual images or fonts from a collection, click “Download individual items.”

Image Downloads

Downloaded image files are ready for use in your applications. See Product Specifications for specific information regarding the product you are purchasing.

Font Downloads

Once you have clicked “Buy” to add a font to your cart, you may be prompted to choose the appropriate format.

Font format selction

Note that not all fonts are available in all formats.

Downloaded fonts may require additional decompression before installation. (See below).

Downloading Font Products

Adobe® font downloads are provided as cross-platform .ZIP files. All other font downloads are provided as .EXE files for Windows, and .HQX or .SIT files for Mac OS. These downloads are compressed file archives which require the free Stuffit Expander or WinZip utility to expand the contents before they can be installed. All fonts come with font installation instructions. Follow the font installation instructions for your platform and operating system. See Type File Formats for specific information regarding the handling of different font formats.

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