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Help : Previewing Fonts

The Veer web site allows you to try any font before you buy, using Flont™. You can also see the font’s characters.

Veer’s font preview tools are supported by all modern web browsers, including Safari and Firefox. They even work well in Internet Explorer. If you’re using an older browser, some of the functionality in these tools may be limited.

See: Site Requirements

The tabs on each font detail page (e.g. Brownstone) allow you to find out more about the font and try it out.

Try this font

You must be registered and signed in to use Flont.

  1. Search or browse for any font.
  2. From search results, click on the font to open a product detail page. On the font product detail page, click the “Try this font” tab.
Try this font tab
  1. A text box labeled “Text” appears in the gray bar above font samples.
Try this font sample text input
  1. Type the words you want to sample in the text field and the samples will update automatically.
Try this font sample text
  1. The size of your samples can be changed using the “Size” drop-down menu.
Try this font sample size
  1. The overall letterspacing of your samples can also be customized using the “Tracking” drop-down menu.
Try this font sample tracking option
  1. To use a text sample as a comp in your layouts, click and drag a sample to your desktop or a local folder. You can also click the sample and hold – or right-click the sample – and save it as an image to your desired file location. These options vary by platform and browser.

For more information, see: Using Comp Images


Click the “About” tab to read a description of the font and find out information about the designer. Click “See all fonts in this collection” to view full font collections.


Click the “Characters” tab to get bigger previews of individual characters. Move your cursor over the characters you want to see. Your cursor changes to a small box, with a larger box showing a magnified view of the character.

Trying OpenType fonts

You can preview any characters that are accessible using the keyboard. OpenType fonts with advanced typographic features and expanded character sets can previewed using Flont, but not all alternates, ligatures, or special characters will be available.