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Help : Setting Preferences

You have the option to change how search results are viewed, certain details on product pages, and the behavior of some site functionality using the site preferences.

A link to the “Your Site Preferences” page appears on the Account page (you must be registered and signed in first).

On the “Your Site Preferences” page, options are broken into three areas:

Search Options

  1. Select a search method. If you search dog cat food, choosing “Find all of the search terms” returns only products that include all three keywords – dog, cat, and food. Choosing “Find any of the search terms” returns products that include any of the keywords – either dog, cat, or food.
  2. Specify the number of search results per page using the drop-down menu.
  3. Select a Search Term Clarification preference. This preference is turned on by default.

Type Options

  1. Enter words in the “Flont text” field to make them the default text when using the Flont type preview tool.
  2. Select the default size for samples when using the Flont type preview tool.
  3. Select roll-over type preview preference. With this option selected, you can roll over any font thumbnail on search results pages and a preview of that font will appear. This preference is turned on by default.

Other Options

  1. Select standard or Shuttleboard mode for your lightbox. This preference is set to standard mode by default.
  2. Select Letter or A4 page size for PDFs created from lightboxes or disc contents.

To save your site preferences, click “Save” at the bottom of the page.

Accessing Preferences From Product Pages

You can also access the “Your Site Preferences” page from individual product pages:

  • Click the “Preferences” link located in the search section of most pages.
  • Click the “Change defaults” link located in the “Flont” section of any type product page.

Note: these links only appear if you are registered and signed in to the site.