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The Super-Incredible Activity Book for Creatives
Image: DVI0614032 Font: PowerStation

100 pages of images, fonts, & amusement!

As a champion of creativity, you’re always coming up with great ideas. Veer® loves being your sidekick, keeping you well equipped with affordable images, attention‑getting fonts, and an endless supply of inspiration. We hope you enjoy the seventh annual activity book. One hundred pages of games, puzzles, amusements, and diversions. All for you, because you’re super, friends.

Three times the power of an ordinary activity book!

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all cape or cowl, and when it comes to choosing crime‑fighting equipment, tastes vary. That’s why this year’s activity book is available in three different formats.


If you got a limited‑edition copy of the Super‑Incredible Activity Book for Creatives in the mail, or at a Veer event, you’re all set for hours of puzzle solving.


You can also enjoy the activity book online, with interactive on-screen versions for your computer and iPad™. Click the link above while using either device.


Download the PDF (14.7MB) and enjoy it offline, on your desktop, laptop, or iPad. Or, choose and print the games you want to take with you.

Get the answers and the elements!

Some of the answers and image and font credits wouldn’t fit in the book – you’ll find them here.

Relive the glory of past victories!