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You love inventing new ideas in your lab – or studio – until late at night. And Veer loves being your assistant, keeping you well-equipped with affordable images, word-altering fonts and an endless supply of inspiration. We hope you enjoy our humungous activity book. 96 pages of games, puzzles, amusements and diversions to excite and inspire you to make The Perfect Design.

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Download the PDF (14.7MB) and enjoy it offline, on your desktop, laptop, or iPad. Or, choose and print the games you want to take with you.

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Veer Poster Competition RESULTS!

Now is the time of reckoning. Many thanks to everyone who took part in our colouring competition. We had over 100 wonderfully inventive entries and drew winners at random. Congratulations to the lucky ones who have been contacted by email and could soon be receiving: an iPad, a Wacom Intuos4 Medium Tablet, a 60’s style Lomography Diana camera or a fabulous T-shirt.

We were blown over by the standard and effort put into the entries and have posted up our favourite twenty. Can you find yours?

  • poster01
  • poster02
  • poster03
  • poster04
  • poster05
  • poster06
  • poster07
  • poster08
  • poster09
  • poster10
  • poster11
  • poster12
  • poster13
  • poster14
  • poster15
  • poster16
  • poster17
  • poster18
  • poster19
  • poster20