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The most monstously inventive activity book for Creatives ever

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  • Page 20: Harry and the Henderson Activity Book.Solution.10.08.Pg20
  • Page 21: Beehide Activity Book.Solution.10.08.Pg21
  • Page 48: Showhome Activity Book.Solution.10.08.Pg48
  • Page 51: Sugar Hill Activity Book.Solution.10.08.Pg51
  • Page 75: Hung out to dry Activity Book.Solution.10.08.Pg75


Image and font credits that wouldn't fit in the book can be found in the galleries linked below.

Page title Page Number
Fakin’ it Page 4
Extreme botany Page 15
Once in a blue zoom Page 30
Classic faces Page 32/33
Handyman’s best friend Page 50
Birthday bonanza Page 63
Counter intelligence Page 70
It’s so metro Page 86