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Feel Script. See the slideshow. From pen to bézier

Between 1935 and 1955, many American calligraphers and letterers laid down their pens for new type technologies. But a few refused to give in. They saw those technologies not as progress but as an art-devaluing, salary-reducing threat.

Among those rebels was New Yorker Rand Holub, best known for his logo designs, brand signatures, and custom lettering for Macy’s. In 1958, his Gillot 291 – an upright script done in 1950 – became the basis of Intertype’s Monterey. Although Monterey included some reworkings of Holub’s lettering, technological constraints meant that the bulk of his calligraphic art had to be ignored.

Almost 50 years later, Holub’s original script has found new life in Feel Script. Designed by Alejandro Paul, Feel presents the lettering in its entirety, as well as letters redrawn from vintage American magazine ads (some by Holub himself). Thanks to OpenType, it also includes many alternates, ligatures, dreamy swashes, and other strangely beautiful combinations.

With over 1,200 characters, Feel Script is designed for maximum expression. A Veer Exclusive $99

Feel Script.


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