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Compendium script

Compendium is the result of Alejandro Paul’s continued obsession with 19th-century calligraphy. After completing Burgues Script in 2007, he realized his exploration was anything but over. With Compendium, Alejandro adds depth and detail to his portrait of American calligraphy’s evolution.

While Burgues honors the precise but wild style of Louis Madarasz, Compendium pays tribute to the graceful script of his predecessor, Platt Rogers Spencer. Taught in schools for more than 50 years, Spencer’s deft technique influenced generations of American penmen and sign painters. Compendium, then, is both sequel and prequel to Burgues, demonstrating what Alejandro describes as “the rounds that led to the sharps.”

With nearly 700 glyphs, and including Alejandro’s usual swashy treats and OpenType facility, Compendium is pure calligraphic wonder.

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