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Lightboxing: One ligthbox, two designers Lightboxing: Monique Gamache VS Blake Hicks Lightboxing: Alejandro Paul VS Janine VanGool Lightboxing: Rian Hughes VE John Hicks
What is lightboxing?

Two designers are invited to create designs based on a particular theme, from products in a lightbox. The lightbox contains 6 images and/or typefaces, chosen by the Veer creative team.

Rules ad Regulations

The rules are simple: make something great. Use any software you want. Crop. Cut. Paste. Use filters. Fight dirty. Write copy. Make a knockout design. Our judges then comment on the designs and choose a winner, using a highly sophisticated and completely subjective scoring system, based on originality, effectiveness, and gut reaction.

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Lightboxing was inspired in part by Coudal’s Photoshop Tennis and Speak Up’s Word It. Thanks. And since we know you’ll ask anyway, the typefaces used for the Lightboxing header and callouts are Jukebox Fenway Park and Font Bureau Agency.