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Lightboxing: One ligthbox, two designers

Hughes and Hicks fight off the fembots

In this match, typographer and designer Rian Hughes meets web maven Jon Hicks in the Lightboxing ring. Their mission is dangerous – to freeze the elusive and seductive Fembot in graphic form. Will the winner enjoy martinis in Martinique? Will the loser face banishment to the Isle of Fembots, to be enslaved as a manservant for the rest of his days? Take your ringside seat to find out. Enjoy the thrills, action, and suspense!

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Lightboxing: One ligthbox, two designers
What the judges said …

AS: Nubert, a division of the Tyrell Corporation.

JP: That’s truly frightening. I’m scared to find out what I need. I may not necessarily enjoy it.

YK: I’m picking up a serious V’ger vibe – perhaps less galactic apocalypse and more scooter fiend.

JL: This image actually makes me fear for the lives of my future children.

AS: From the wrist down, those robot limbs are made from parts recycled from the hair dryer photo. Extra points for spot welding.

JP: By giving her laser eyes, he’s made her more bot than fem.

Fembot by Rian Hughes

Rian Hughes London, UK

Device Fonts

Web site:

Under the name Device, Rian Hughes builds a phenomenal stable of typefaces and provides design and illustration for the creative industry. Prior to Device, he studied at the London College of Printing before working for an advertising agency, i-D magazine, and a series of record-sleeve design companies. Rian has an extensive collection of Thunderbirds memorabilia, a fridge full of vodka, and a stack of easy-listening albums, which he plays very quietly.

Lightboxing: One ligthbox, two designers
What the judges said …

AS: Mom, Barbarandroid 3000 is staring at me again.

JP: Ba-ba-ba, ba-barbara android

YK: I like the minions, particularly Ms. Orly on the left. Very menacing.

JL: The red is really giving off a “bloodsucking” fembot vibe. Still, she seems strangely approachable.

AS: The background whispers “beauty salon,” but the foreground shouts “I went to private school.”

JP: I like the idea that the hair dryers turn mannequins into androids.

YK: By the looks of the fembots in the background, I’m predicting a coup against the unwitting Barbarandroid.

Fembot by Jon Hicks

Jon Hicks Witney, UK


Web site:

Graphic designer Jon Hicks is half of Hicksdesign, a creative partnership he owns with his wife, Leigh. After starting his career as a wildlife illustrator, Jon moved on to graphic and web design. Today, he’s best known for his work on the Mozilla Firefox logo and is highly regarded for his CSS and web standards skills. Jon grew up in Leamington Spa in the UK, birthplace of infamous occultist Aleister Crowley, the subject of Ozzy Osbourne’s classic “Mr. Crowley.” No word on whether Ozzy is penning a tune for Jon.

The winnah!
Congratulations Rian

Grab a ringside seat for another Lightboxing event.

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The winnah!

After fruitless attempts to conceal their bribe takings from one another, and countless semantic arguments over color theory and grid approach, the Lightboxing judges have come to a conclusion.

The winner of this Lightboxing bout, on the concept of “Fembot” … from London, UK … Rian Hughes!

Our dashing contenders appear to have been shaken, but not stirred, after their brave attempts to render the “Fembot” theme. While they both escaped the dastardly wiles of the plotting fembot, Rian’s design delivered the visual knockout. The palette, typographic treatment, and creepy robotic hands captivated the judges, whereas Jon’s design received nods for conceptual prowess. Mission accomplished!