Lightboxing Judges

AC : Anna Coe

Anna knows how to accessorize sharp wit with the perfect scarf, a skillful balance of cheek and style easily evident in her work with Veer as designer. She also throws phrases like, “Why you gotta be all up in my area like that?” into everyday conversation and completely pulls it off. Not many people can do that.

AS : Anders Svensson

The son of a Nordic submariner and a Pacific islander, Anders was born in the early hours of a pagan fertility festival. After a harrowing Atlantic crossing aboard a communist ocean liner, and decades marked by daring feats of wilderness survival, Anders wields his penchant for words as a copywriter at Veer.

BB : Bryce Beresh

A rare combination of brute strength and creative sophistication, Bryce mouses with his right hand yet draws with his left. Bryce’s unmatched skills have won him respect both in the studio and on the ice.

CH: Christina Huber

A sweetheart with a sweet tooth, Christina is an advertising-savvy designer full of great ideas. When she isn’t pitching, she’s apt to be carving down mountains, learning new moves at the dance studio, and stepping out for the occasional cupcake.

DN : Drew Ng-How-Tseung

Veer’s de facto style leader, Drew sets fashion trends in the Veer studio while informing his designs with influences from the seedy underbelly of pop culture. Say the word “Excel” and watch Drew’s punk attitude bare its teeth.

DP: Dan Parry

Magic – that one word infuses everything designer Dan Parry does. It’s found in his ability to eat multiple lunches without gaining an ounce, and it’s the main ingredient in his wildly imaginative Flash productions.

GH : Grant Hutchinson

Veer’s web design, typography, CSS, and blogging guru. He also has an affinity for old, green, handheld computing platforms and Converse Chucks. During his free time, he’s also a Flickr clickr.

IB : Issa Breibish

Issa meshes mad coding skills with an aesthetic sensibility befitting his musical background. He never misses a beat, having honed his technique with years of jazz sax, touring with rock bands, and charming the ladies.

JL: Justin LaFontaine

Givin’ ‘er 110 percent – that’s what Justin does every day. Whether he’s flexing his giant design pipes at Veer or totally slaying at Guitar Hero, he’s always being awesome. Justin loves meat, YouTube, and a good type treatment.

JP : Jon Parker

Director of Brand Communication, de facto guidance counselor, and founding partner of Veer, Jon’s long-term affinity for all things creative has kept him on the cutting edge since it first got sharp. Think you’ve found something new? He’s probably already seen it, not to mention blogged about it on the Skinny months ago.

MH : Mark Hamilton

Mark can make three friends while waiting to cross the street. He could be all snobbish and aloof since he knows so much about music and art and books and cheese. But no. He just can’t get enough of meeting people and hearing stories and learning things. He’s the copywriter you’ll most likely have over for dinner (if you haven’t already.)

SP : Sheldon Popiel

To say Sheldon is a creative director would not merely be talking about his title. For by setting the creative direction for widely recognized stock image and type companies like Veer (and Others Who Shall Not Be Named), he has shown millions of designers ‘The Way’.

YK : Yuval Kordov

In his capacity as a web developer, Yuval’s mission is to make as fantastic as possible. Unofficially, he’s a writer, photographer, music maker, and sushi lover. And he wears a lot of black.


Lightboxing Judging Alumni

BG: Berenice Gargus

Behind Berenice’s gentle voice (and 120 wpm typing speed) were ideas, ideas, and more ideas. Officially hired as a copywriter, Veer more accurately employed her to dazzle, hypnotize, and seduce (figuratively speaking) its customers.

DW : Duane Wheatcroft

Duane brought his agency attitude - all of it bad - to the Lightboxing forum. While words were his panacea, he knew the value of a strong concept. And if you didn’t have one, you heard about it. (Now he and his attitude are back at an agency where they belong.)


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