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Lightboxing: One ligthbox, two designers

Paul and Vangool go mad scientist

Alejandro Paul is one of the leading lights of modern typography. Janine Vangool is a respected book designer and art gallery owner. We’ve set them loose in the boxing ring to explore the dark, anguished mental recesses of the Mad Scientist. Will their designs be inspired by the same madness found in their crazed subject matter? View the laboratory cum boxing ring to find out. Just don’t knock over the distillation apparatus.

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Lightboxing: One ligthbox, two designers
What the judges said …

DP: The integration of photography and illustration elements is phantasmic. The fractured cross section of images creates a Dr. Jeckyl/Mr. Hyde or Frankenstein sort of feeling.

SP: I like his “mad scientist” approach – he actually created a new person out of the various elements.

GH: I’m reading less scientist, and more headache.

DP: It has this nice animated feeling. I can easily imagine sections whipping into the frame.

GH: Nice use of the typeface symbols.

Mad Scientist by Alejandro Paul

Alejandro Paul Buenos Aires, Argentina


Web site:

Alejandro is passionate about typography. Technically masterful, he focuses on the art behind the form – his typefaces capture the essence of an era or style. Co-founder of the Sudtipos project, the first Argentinean type foundry collective, Alejandro also teaches graphic design and typography at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. He loves sushi and coffee and would like to live in New York City one day – as long as he can find espresso there that meets his discerning taste.

Lightboxing: One ligthbox, two designers
What the judges said …

DP: The eyes really pull me in. I feel his pain.

SP: I get a really creepy feeling, like something bad has happened.

GH: Nice nod to “mad science” B-movie culture.

DP: The typography is downplayed, but that’s the point. The type mirrors his internal quivering and fearful voice.

SP: I especially like the wide-open eyes contrasting with the one closed eye – awesome.

GH: Lovely symmetrical simplicity, elegant palette.

Mad Scientist by Janine VanGool

Uppercase, Vangool Design & Typography

Web sites:

Janine is the mastermind behind Uppercase, a Calgary art gallery and purveyor of fine books and paper goods. Her design practice, Vangool Design & Typography, focuses on arts and culture clients and book design. She recently curated The Shatner Show, an installation of artworks inspired by actor William Shatner. Janine is currently recovering from the 2007 Star Trek convention in Las Vegas.

The winnah!
Congratulations Janine

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The winnah!

After consulting their Ouija boards and tarot cards, and a pilgrimage to consult a design-savvy swami in the Himalayas, the Lightboxing judges have come to a decision.

The winner of this Lightboxing bout, on the concept of Mad Scientist, by unanimous decision … from Calgary, Alberta … Janine Vangool!

The judges felt Alejandro’s design was suitably tortured, but it didn’t quite capture “mad scientist” in the manner of Janine’s design. Her symmetrical simplicity and polished palette left a stronger impression, while her subtle use of type perfectly underscored the angst-ridden mental storm suffered by the subject. After peering over the precipice into such madness, will our contenders ever be quite the same? Mwahahaha!