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Lightboxing: One ligthbox, two designers

Gamache and Hicks face off – ninja style

In this corner, designer Monique Gamache deftly slices the air with her katana. In the other corner, budding designer Blake Hicks stands at the ready, wielding razor-sharp throwing stars. You guessed it, Grasshopper, this Lightboxing match explores a Ninja theme. We set these two stealthy shadows loose with six design elements. No ring could contain their smoke bombs and aerial backflips. Watch the action and imagine the ear-piercing shrieks with every thrust and kick.

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Lightboxing: One ligthbox, two designers
What the judges said …

MH: It’s not every day you see a ninja chopped to bits. It somehow gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling.

BB: I don’t know how novel the idea of a ninja school is, but this is a great recruitment ad for all the basement ninjas out there practicing with homemade nunchakus.

IB: I can see that Gamache is one of those “less is more” people. Love the copy and the idea – it could have used more blood, though.

CH: Looks like a school I would want to join. Simple, clever, and cutting edge. Ha … no pun intended.

MH: It looks deceptively simple, but the more you look at it, the more considered and hilarious it becomes.

IB: The execution looks like the bottom of Terry Gilliam’s ideas drawer.

Mad Scientist by Alejandro Paul

Monique Gamache Calgary, Alberta


Web site:

Monique Gamache is the design director of and a partner in Wax, a Calgary-based full-service design and advertising agency. Monique chooses to live her life simply. In her words, it’s clean, uncluttered, with a subtle sense of whimsy. She brings this same understated and strategic sensibility to her design work, where she executes her powerful working philosophy — to speak softly, but wield a big idea. She still suffers designer’s remorse for including a photo in an annual report that, upon close inspection, featured a man relieving himself in the background.

Lightboxing: One ligthbox, two designers
What the judges said …

MH: The split second before impact thing is pretty sweet. Sven’s just about to enter a whole new world of pain.

CH: Inspired by video games everywhere.

BB: Nice execution – Kill Bill meets Mortal Kombat.

IB: What’s with the cross between Fozzie Bear and Chuck Norris in red? Sven Andrews vs. Mike Hammerstein? This is “ninja” right? Ninjas don’t sing in musicals.

MH: Irony? Satire? Really?

IB: “Irony! Satire!” How clever in that not-so-clever way. I’m surprised Hicks didn’t use “Anthropology! Philosophy!” Now THAT is clever.

IB: I’m thinking the dude in red is winning this one …

“Ninja” by Blake Hicks

Blake Hicks Montgomery, Alabama

Web site:

Blake Hicks is a 22-year-old with a penchant for metal and barbecue. He’s a fourth-year student in Auburn University’s Graphic Design program and the 2007 recipient of Veer’s annual scholarship for graphic design students. When Blake isn’t in design or illustration mode, he’s probably thinking about the Auburn Tigers football team. Some claim to have seen him screeching “War Eagle!” and expletives to the heavens during football games, but this hasn’t been corroborated with any tangible evidence.

The winnah!
Congratulations Monique

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The winnah!

Following days of private rumination and hours of fervid debate, the Lightboxing judges have come to a conclusion.

The winner of this Lightboxing bout, on the concept of Ninja, … from Calgary, Alberta … Monique Gamache!

This Lightboxing match was particularly animated – with eye-popping displays of slice-and-dice swordplay and precision flying kicks. But after assessing the aftermath of the martial carnage, the judges chose Monique’s design as the victor. Kudos are extended to Blake for his effective use of elements and the nostalgic video game theme, but Monique’s clean design and smart copy delivered the winning one-two punch.