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The Veer Student Program


Where does it come from — the spark or inspiration that ignites creativity? And what drives that creativity? Is it a collision of influences that happen by chance … or is it something more mysterious? There are no easy answers to these questions, but each new generation of designers attempts to solve them by pushing the boundaries of their work. That’s why, through our student program, we’re reaching out to the student community — to share our passion for design and to rub shoulders with the next generation of designers.

Veer’s creative director, Sheldon Popiel, explains: “Students have such amazing ideas, but no venue to express them. Veer’s student program addresses this, giving back to the programs that are shaping and transforming design.”

So who are the bright lights of the next design generation? Browse the profiles below, which include Veer’s summer interns and some of its scholarship recipients.

Our first-ever summer intern hopped headfirst into the deep end of Veer’s creative pool. And we didn’t even need to push him first.

Images from Cameron Wakal's portfolio

* Cameron Wakal: Jumping in headfirst


The recipient of our first annual scholarship for students of graphic design considers his role as designer as carefully as his designs.

Images from Jonathan McGlothin's portfolio

* Jonathan McGlothin: Not adding to the noise


This intern created an award-winning merch item that was featured in Print magazine. Not bad for a third-year design student.

Images from Ashley LaFarge's portfolio

* Ashley LaFarge: Very much a roamer


Winner of both a Veer scholarship and summer internship, Ashley Hostasek sees design as “art with a practical function.”

Images from Ashley LaFarge's portfolio

* Ashley Hostasek: Blame it on the rain