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Creatives have a lot in common. Things like great taste in images and fonts, and an insatiable appetite for affordable alternatives. At Veer, you can satisfy your creative cravings with the visual elements you need for your projects – at prices that won’t devour your budget.

How to play

  1. Move from room to room using the white arrows in the top left and right of the screen.
  2. Click objects to interact with them. Some will be added to your inventory. Others will offer clues. You may get different results as you add new items to your inventory.
  3. To win, find your cell phone, a credit card, and the phone number. Then make the call to Vince’s Pizzeria.

By tombola (
Fisher Price3.WAV (

By ehproductions (
money1.wav (

By jfreem3 (
Coins Dropped and Pickedup on TabletopX4.wav (

By Sedi (
ae_49_st.wav (

By pcaeldries (
WaterTapDripping.wav (

By secondbody (
Angry cat Roo.wav (

By Koops (
Gate_Squeak_03.wav (

By jrssandoval (
unlock and open door.wav (

By jrssandoval (
unlock car with beep.wav (

By jak damage (
digi code door uncatch.WAV (

Jukebox music: Albert Farrington – “It’s A Long Way To Tipperary”

Cell phone button press –

…plus a bunch of in-house audio including voice, various noises, and Stephen’s toilet flushing.


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