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How do I maximize my keywording for Veer Search Filters?

The keywording search filters on play an integral role assisting customers in finding 'that perfect image'. These filters streamline the search process, helping refine results in order to display the most relevant image options.

The key in maximizing the potential of these filters is to ensure that the proper keywords are attached to images. While Veer has a team of Image Editors dedicated to the task of keywording, contributors are encouraged to add certain keywords prior to submitting new images for review.

With that in mind, the following overview may give a clearer vision of which keywords will ensure that the keyword search filters link to those images effectively.

Number of People:
Add whichever of the following keywords is suitable for your image: "one person", "two people", "three people".
Add 'groups' to any image with more than three people. 'Groups' is divided into many kinds of groups, like crowds, flocks, sports teams, and audiences. If you have one of these kinds of groups in your keyword list, your image will be searchable by 'groups' AND the kind of group.
Remember to add the keyword 'nobody' for ANY picture that does not have a person in it, even close-ups and backgrounds. It may seem strange, but the search filter gives the best results when every image without people gets tagged with 'nobody'.

Add whichever of the following keywords is suitable for your image: "infant", "child", "teen", "young adult", "adult", "middle aged", "senior". You can add as many age ranges as needed to cover everyone in the picture. Add only the most accurate age range.
Remember! Don't combine age and gender into one keyword. Add "child" and "girl" not "young girl".

There are too many possible ethnicities to include the entire list in the search filter. The ethnicity search filter offers the option to search by one or more of the most-commonly searched ethnicities: "Asian", "Black ethnicity", "Caucasian", "Hispanic", "Middle Eastern". Remember to add these keywords if they apply to your image.

Eye Contact:
Add the keyword "looking at camera" for images that show a person(s) looking directly into the lens/at the viewer.

Add the keyword "business" to suitable images.

Time of Day:
Add the keyword "night" to suitable images.

Once contributors have addressed and utilized keywords from the categories above, they can be sure that the search filters on will be an asset in leading customers to their images successfully.



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