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What are the most important terms to include on an image?

All Images
- Physical objects present in the image
- Include "indoors" or "outdoors" when it makes sense
- Time of day, time of year
- Include 'nobody' if no people are depicted
- Technical visual terms such as "abstracts, patterns, colors, still lifes, points of view, light attributes", etc.

Images of People
- Ages
- Ethnicity (Caucasian, Asian, Black Ethnicity, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, multiracial)
- Gender (men, women, girls, boys)
- Facial expressions
- Emotions
- Concepts
- Specific activity or event
- Number of people (one person, two people, three people, groups)
- Portrait or Candid
- Body positions (sitting, standing, leaning, lying down, etc.)
- Direction model is looking (looking at camera, looking up, down, sideways, etc.)
- Length views (full length, half length: upper half, lower half, ¾ length, headshots, etc.)

If the picture is a landscape, 'scenics' is a good term to include, as well as a specific location if known. If there is a distinct horizon line, add 'horizons'.

Solid Backgrounds
- If there is a white background, include keyword 'white background'.
- If there is a solid colored background, other than white, include the keyword 'neutral background'. Also include the actual color of the background.
- If the subject is a cutout (easily removable from the background) add 'cutouts'.


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