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December 11, 2012
Contributors' Choice: Disambiguation

Contributors' Choice: Disambiguation

Here's something you may not know. Our site will ask you to clarify some terms before submitting your images in your Workspace. This clarification process is called "disambiguation." Read on to find out why we do this and how it helps your images be searchable on our site. 

While working with keywords in your Workspace, you may have come across a prompt that looked something like this:

Disambiguation green

This disambiguation prompt pops up when keywords have more than one meaning in Veer's controlled vocabulary. Some words we use in daily life have different meanings depending on the context. When words become keywords on the Veer site, we make sure they fit within the context of the image. Choose the accurate meaning and your image will be searchable by that keyword.
 girl recycling newspapers
 Choose "eco-friendly" and not the color "green."
If the preferred meaning is not chosen, the site has no way to know which keyword is wanted and neither will get applied. Think of it as traveling down a road and arriving at a fork: you can either go right or left, but if you don't choose either path, you won't go anywhere.
The result: a picture of a child recycling which will not be found if a customer searches on "eco-friendly." We don't want to see this happen any more than you do. So be sure to take a moment to disambiguate your keywords before you click that "submit" button. More images found = more happy people.


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