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September 22, 2011
Introducing Veer Subscriptions

Introducing Veer Subscriptions

Later this year, Veer will begin offering image buyers the opportunity to purchase monthly and yearly image subscriptions through a Veer Subscriptions web site.

The new site will share registration functionality with, giving new and current customers convenient access to a high volume of images at reduced prices. Customers will be able to download 20 images each day.

Contributor benefits
The subscription model offers a new royalty stream that doesn't require you to upload images a second time. We're also pleased to announce a higher royalty rate for contributors than you'll find at competing microstock web sites, with royalties of between $0.25 and $4.95 per download.

As an added bonus, your subscription sales and earnings will be integrated with your current dashboard view on, allowing you to keep track of everything in one place. No additional tax paperwork or contributor agreements are necessary.

Pricing and royalties
Each active subscription has a daily royalty pool that is shared by contributors whose images have been downloaded. The royalty pool is divided by the number of images downloaded to determine the royalty split for that day.

Basic subscriptions have a base royalty pool of $4.95 and come with basic licenses. If a subscriber downloads one image - your image - you'll get the entire pool for that subscription, on that day. If a subscriber downloads 10 images in one day, and only one of those images is yours, you'll receive one-tenth of that pool.

If a customer wishes to purchase an extended license for an image downloaded via subscription, they'll easily be able to do so through You'll earn your standard extended license royalty in addition to the subscription royalty for that image.

The new rate card explains the downloads/royalties relationship in more detail. In your dashboard, you'll be able to tell how many other images a customer downloaded each day by the royalty shown for any image listed.

Opting out
The subscription model described above is designed to be lucrative for the Veer contributor community. As this is a new development that you might not have been anticipating, we're offering contributors a one-time opportunity to opt out. As of October 8, 2011, anyone who applies to be a contributor will be automatically opted in.

To opt out, send an e-mail to with the subject line "Subscription opt-out." In the body, provide your contributor alias (if applicable), the e-mail address you registered with if different from this one, and include the message "I do not wish to participate in the Veer Subscription program at this time. Please exclude my images from the subscription web site."

Opt-out e-mails must be time-stamped before 11:59 pm (PST), October 21, 2011.


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