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June 21, 2012
Keywording Locations

Keywording Locations

It's all about location, location, location! Buyers are looking for fresh and recent images of places near and far. Since they ask for them by name, proper identification is important when keywording. If you can find it on a map, we probably have it in our controlled vocabulary. Have images of the island Santorini? Go even more specific and tell us if it's Fira or Oia. How about incredible shots of the Great Sphinx? Keyword the iconic landmark as such and we'll take care of broader terms like Giza, Upper Egypt, and Middle East. How about the working class city of Youngstown, Ohio? Yep, we have that.


When identifying places by their proper names, it's good to make sure images "look" like what they are, or contain something iconic that your average travler will recognize. If the image is very abstracted, universally common, or of something atypical of the location, you probably don't need to include the name.


Click here to view an album of landmarks and natural formations near and far. How many do you know by name? Get inspired to explore and shoot, wherever you are on the planet.

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