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December 6, 2011
Veer Subscriptions is live

Veer Subscriptions is live

A few months ago, we let you know that we'd be launching a new subscription offering for customers this winter. That time has come, and we're pleased to announce that Veer Subscriptions, featuring your high-quality commercial images, is now live and open for business.

Veer was already making it easier to be creative by offering customers an uncomplicated shopping experience using cash or prepaid credits. Now buyers also have the option to use convenient monthly or yearly subscription plans to make regular high-volume purchases.

We've made it simple for customers to navigate between Veer and Veer Subscriptions, so they can purchase extended licenses for your images when they download as part of their subscription plan. That means a great buying experience for the customer turns into additional royalties for you. We're also proud of the fact that the standard subscription royalties we're offering you are some of the highest in the industry. You can see a detailed breakdown of our rates here.

The image upload process remains the same. Your images make their way to Veer Subscriptions simply by existing at Veer, and your subscription royalties will be displayed in your regular dashboard. There's no fuss, and more opportunities to earn.

For more information about how Veer Subscriptions works, check out our FAQ.

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