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The summer Activity Book for creatives

Pages and pages of images, type, and amusement!

For our first PDF-only installment, we’re celebrating the fantastic, the far-fetched, and the highly improbable. Things like this book, which is bulletproof, immune to gravity, and has a revolutionary shelf-space-saving design.

Too good to be true? Download the PDF {8.6MB} and find out!

Peer into an alternate reality with augmented reality!

Just because we didn't print any activity books doesn't mean you can't see what might have been. To see the finished book hovering over your desk in three dimensions, print spread 27 of the PDF (page 51 of the activity book), go here, and follow the instructions.

Image and type credits

If they weren’t credited in the book, you’ll find them here.

Type ‘N’ Trivia
page 7
Font Menu Mix-up
page 11
Font World
page 18
Fake Glyphs
page 22
Find The Courier
page 29
Film Noir
page 38
We Just Cliqued
page 42
A News Hope
page 44
It’s Not Easy
page 56


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