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July 11, 2013

8:27 AM

Mike Spear
  • Mike Spear
Contributor Profile July 2013

Contributor Profile July 2013

Yuriy Zhuravov's work is especially appealing because she understands the delicate balance between the business of making images that are in demand and the joy of making images that satisfy her creatively. 

"What's profitable isn't always interesting to me and that's the constant struggle," Yuriy explains, "So, I'm always trying to find the compromise: beautiful, high quality, and stable in the commercial market […] And that pleases me."

Yuriy enjoys shooting fashion, "but most of all, I just prefer to shoot beautiful people". 

Simply put, her work is just nice to look at. So what's her secret? Yuriy explains, "I pay a lot of attention to the models, new methods of post processing, creation of new concepts, and working with light. I try to draw with light in such a way to minimize the processing in Photoshop. I prefer quality rather than quantity."

And it shows. From elegant and natural to provocative and conceptual, it's clear that Yuriy values the creative process and shoots from the heart. Peruse her work on Veer (also by the name Irina Pusepp).

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