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May 15, 2012

4:14 PM

Mike Spear
  • Mike Spear
Contributor Profile May 2012

Contributor Profile May 2012

Featured Contributor Johan Swanepoel


We're proud to announce that Johan Swanepoel is this month's Featured

Contributor. Hailing from South Africa with a background in engineering and

construction management, Swanepoel pursued his passion for photography as 

young man in the era of manual cameras and darkrooms.

We love his intimate wildlife photographs-powerful additions to the Veer library.

While he claims to value modern digital equipment and techniques, when asked if

he is a wildlife photography "purist" - Swanepoel says: 

"No, cropping, healing, cloning, composites, etc., are part of the tools in order to

create the image I have in mind. The final goal will mostly dictate the rules. When

looking casually at images, I rarely question the processes involved, but rather

appreciate the message or beauty of the subject."

Check out highlights from Johan's work here


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