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November 8, 2012

1:53 PM

Mike Spear
  • Mike Spear
Contributor Profile November 2012

Contributor Profile November 2012

Revisit the cheerful and whimsical characters of childhood with Kariiika Illustrations by Kallai Karola. With pretty pastels and lovable creatures, to simply call them cute would be an understatement.

Kallai enjoys creating retro cartoon-style illustrations with cuddly animals and good-humored, often festive, characters.

"When it comes to choosing a subject, I usually rely on my mood and try to include seasonal themes. I'm inspired by everyday things like vintage objects, beautiful colors, or just a nice picture."

Kallai's Illustrations started as a hobby and have evolved into her full-time job. "The best thing about being an illustrator is that I get to make a living doing what I enjoy the most," Kallai explains. We definitely feel the love, and after browsing the gallery, we're certain you will too.

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