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October 17, 2012

4:31 PM

Mike Spear
  • Mike Spear
Contributor Profile October 2012

Contributor Profile October 2012

Ruth Black can add flavor to any project with mouthwatering images of delectable baked treats. Her picture-perfect confections can't help but to render a smile and a celebratory mood.  But, the cupcake love doesn't start with the photograph.

Ruth bakes and decorates many of her tasty little subjects, and with a fine finesse she makes sure each is camera ready, down to the last detail. The Canon 100mm Macro is her favorite lens. Ruth explains, "I try to produce eye-catching images, which as well as being visually appealing, will be useful to the buyers."

Initially, baking and photography started at a hobby. After a career as a banker and then stay-at-home mom, Ruth turned her hobbies into her work and has become among the best in her niche. 

And maybe most noteworthy, we're excited to feature someone who has finally made it possible to have our cupcake and eat it too. 

See Ruth's work here.  


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