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September 19, 2012

11:19 AM

Mike Spear
  • Mike Spear
Contributor Profile September 2012

Contributor Profile September 2012

It's safe to say that Greg Epperson's studio looks different than most. He is a rock climbing photographer -- and he's definitely not shooting with his feet firmly planted from the ground below. In addition to his 30 years of photography experience, he's got 30 years of rock climbing experience in Southern California as well.

Greg's advanced climbing expertise gives him an edge - no pun intended - that allows him to generate some of the most unique and bona fide rock climbing photos on the market.

The triumphs and trials of rock climbing parallel day-to-day struggles and accomplishments. Greg Epperson's photos tell a story, whether literal or figurative, from up-close-and-personal action shots to the heroic summit shot; his work is captivating and inspirational.

See Greg's work on Veer.


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