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March 13, 2011

2:37 AM

Joseph Newton
  • Joseph Newton
Lettercult's Best of 2010 Lettering

Lettercult's Best of 2010 Lettering

Brian Jaramillo is a man of many talents: graphic designer, lettering artist and type designer, entrepreneur. In addition to this he is the keeper of Lettercult, a blog about custom type, focusing in particular on hand lettering. Each year Brian presents the best of the year, featuring the latest and greatest from such well-known talents as Marian Bantjes, Jessica Hische, and Alex Trochut (to name but a few) alongside a vast collection of lesser-knowns and up-and-comers. This year's presentation is bigger and better than ever (Part One, Part Two) with over 33 pages (!!!) of gorgeous hand lettering that will make you drool and send you back to the drawing board chastened, challenged, and inspired. Brian Jaramillo is also the creator of Agency 26, an exclusive new font collection for Veer. Check out the awesome spaghetti western-flavored ?trailer? here.


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