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February 12, 2014

1:09 PM

Paul Friesen
  • Paul Friesen
New Font Release - 02.18.2014

New Font Release - 02.18.2014

Akagi Basic One by Neil Summerour for Positype

As Neil says - Akagi started as a rough sketch while on a really long plane ride to Tokyo in 2007. I wanted to develop a sans serif that was a complete departure from my successful Aaux Pro (now Aaux Next) sans serif family. Whereas Aaux and its siblings are rather unforgiving and stark in their presentation, I wanted this new sans serif to "smile" at you when it's on the page. When the plane landed and I realized I did not sleep through the 15 hour trip, my brain shut off, the laptop closed and I hopped in the car to the hotel-forgetting the "new sans" folder on my desktop.

Fast forward a few months and I found myself seeing a lot of crisp, rigid, robot-like sans serif typefaces everywhere... I enjoyed this new crop of faces but wanted to see something "friendlier" and remembered my earlier sketch work. The groundwork was there screaming at me to complete and Akagi arose from the ashes. To be truly satisfied with it personally, a great deal of time was spent trying to create a harmony between line and curve in an attempt to show that you can be crisp, clean and legible and still keep some personality. The Light and Fat weights (Regular and Italic) are my favorites and I hope to see them as the workhorses of the typeface.

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