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February 12, 2014

1:10 PM

Paul Friesen
  • Paul Friesen
New Font Release - 02.20.2014

New Font Release - 02.20.2014

Baka Expert by Neil Summerour for Positype

The latest iteration of Baka is Baka Expert. As Neil admits, he's very critical of his work and he could still see things - e.g. modulations of strokes, angle of the nib, ink swell, & so on - that he wanted to change, refine and reorder with the first versions. He wanted to take this handwriting font and turn it into a robust typeface. Upgrades include adding back in more of his initial flourish concepts, attained tighter, consistent control of the modulation, optimized points, added titling options and an expanded character language set. Baka Expert is an entirely new re-envisioning of an old friend, and we're sure you'll agree.

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