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September 17, 2013

3:10 PM

Veer Interns
  • Veer Interns
The Type That Thrills

The Type That Thrills

In the summer of 2012, eight designers, Andre Ogradǎ, Felix Hornoiu, Vlad Neuman, Nicu Duta, Alex Beltechi, Octavian Budai, Koma and Vian Peanu, got together in Bucharest and made a pact that they wanted to hone their skills and "share the results with everybody." What came out of their hard work was "The Type Project." A type and lettering collaborative undertaking, which sought to push each designer to a new level. Not only was this project taken on with the impression that it would strengthen each designer individually, but that it would also provide exposure in their "neck of the woods" that had been decidedly lacking.

The outcome? An amazing website that showcases an incredibly vast selection of typography, which the artists try to update weekly. Not only does the website display the work of the creators, but also provides an outlet for any type lover who hopes to experiment with their lettering work. Thus, the project that was created to push a few, has in fact, inspired many.

Check out their website here.  


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